Privacy Policy

Interacting and using with all our solutions

Throughout using this site and also to get newsletters and other intermittent e-communications out of us, then you may well be requested to consciously submit or re-submitting limited individual data e.g. your email address. A few acts of Guys Who Bern's internet site take a secure login with an exceptional username and password password.

Every once in a while, you could well be asked to knowingly submit or re-submit personal data about your self which is needed for all of us to service your usage of products and activities aside from our internet site such as purchases of books or classes, contributing, presence at events, linking Men Who Bern like an associate and associated communications.

We might sporadically video recording or shoot photographs at our events and also will seek out individual approval from those show be contained. Photographs where you're comprised'incidentally' just isn't regarded as personal data.

We don't normally ask sensitive private information unless there's a very clear reason for this. The information we collect is bound compared to that which you provide to people.

Making contributions and payments

When purchasing from our donation to us, then you're going to soon be asked to give related data to allow this to happen, like your card information along with even a Direct Debit mandate. We don't store credit or bank card information or pay pal accounts advice.

Data collected is used and then ship for you ENewsletters and other intermittent communications regarding Guys Who Bern and its work, or to empower your usage of their goods, services or activities. This may consist of mobile texting when you've given us with the consent to take action.

We won't use your information especially to request contributions unless we've asked for the consent to take action, but we can sometimes include advice in your communications which are about our fundraising activities.

We maintain a list of your purchases and contributions for a relevant period concerning the Data Protection Act 1998, and also that could be demanded, people. At the close of the time, your computer data will likely be deleted completely or anonymized alongside different data so it might be employed for the investigation to understand engagement with all our tasks, services and products.

We may periodically use your computer data to pursue our legitimate interests in ways that may reasonably be likely included in conducting our business pursuits, and that don't impact your rights, interests or liberty. A good example may use your credit to create available bespoke supplies if we've got consent from you for direct marketing.

Sporadically, our communications may be co-branded with yet another organization (s) but may still be delivered from Guys Who Bern.

How can the computer data accumulate?

For users enrolling to get ENewsletters, a brief on the web sign up form asks your current email address.

For users connecting Men Who Bern like a part, you may soon be requested to provide extra info determined by the sort of membership you're purchasing. This data is accumulated online via our site, by telephone or using a newspaper subscription form.

You might be filmed or photographed in these events.

The way we utilize cookies

Alternative Party biscuits

A few of the articles on the website is hosted with a 3rd party, such as YouTube or even Google Docs. Because this informative article is from the other side, we do not restrain the setting of those biscuits. If you would like to improve your cookie preferences, assess the third party internet sites for advice about how best to manage their biscuits.


We make use of this facility to comprehend that your discussion with your site, such as the pages that you see; just how long spent on each page; just how you have into the website; exactly what you click while you are seeing the website. We do not collect or save your personal information, such as your name or speech through this center so this info can not be employed to recognize who you're

Vimeo along with YouTube

Seeing a video embedded within this website but this can be hosted by Vimeo or even YouTube can place cookies onto your PC.

Your approval and also the way to prevent us together with your info

Using our internet site (s), enrolling or downshifting a box to get ENewsletters, opting in for direct marketing, together with our products or services you agree to the employment of one's advice from how (s) setup previously. Should we opt to alter our privacy policy, then we'll allow you to understand and offer the updated policy with this page.

At any time you have permitted us to use your information, then you have the privilege to alter the mind at any moment and withdraw that approval involving that for direct advertisements.

If some our services need additional and special consent, such as if we're calculating a Disclosure and also Service application for your benefit, we'll get this approval from you before for the usage of these services.

You can unsubscribe from our email list anytime with the'unsubscribe' link at the base of every e-communication, also from this particular change, delete or update your mailing preferences on our platform. It is also possible to email us or write to people with an education to delete any or most of your computer data with all the contact information below.

You may ask us to not make use of your likeness in films and photographs from withholding permission at the moment, or simply by withdrawing permission for prospective (but not beyond ) use.

Links to additional sites

This site comprises links to additional sites. In using such links, you'll be departing the Guys Who Bern's internet site and consequently we don't have any control over using cookies, privacy or data security of those additional sites. If uncertain, please see the privacy statement of this internet site being seen.

Keeping your data protected

We plan to keep some personal data supplied by you personally by using suitably robust and password shielded storage centers. Our team are given training about data security and data management.

Men Who Bern utilizes HCI York Ltd, FireText along with MailChimp as Data Processors to handle Email List and also to disperse E-Newsletters, etc..

We can't guarantee that MailChimp servers can be found within Europe, and as they might perhaps not from at the mercy of GDPR. But we believe sufficient steps are accepted by the supplier to make certain data security so much as is reasonable. MailChimp have licensed their arrangement regarding the EU/US Safe Harbour Frameworks as 2007, promising security of EU taxpayers' data over America and also have devoted to compliance with GDPR.

We'll let you know regularly when we have a reason to think that the security of your computer data was deciphered.

Users without this consent aren't permitted to give us personal info.

The best way to create a petition to get your info

In accord with the law, we're reluctant to supply you (whilst the'data subject') having a copy of your data. Waiting for the computer data can be reached by post or email, together with the contact details below. We'll request that you give evidence to show that you're the information subject or so are acting with the ability of this data subject. We'll do so just as is practical, but undoubtedly over the lawful maximum of 1 month.